Shirley Gambrell's Porcelain Art - Painting on any porcelain/ceramic surface - kiln fired
Personal Information:  I am married and live in Morehead City, NC.  I have two sons, two daughters, 14 grandchildren and 1 great grandson.  In addition to my painting, I enjoy reading novels, playing bridge and using the computer.
Education:    1960 BA in English and Sociology, LaGrange College, LaGrange, Georgia
I have had no formal art training and have basically trained myself in the process of painting on porcelain using books written on the subject and attendance at various workshops and demonstrations from 1993 to present.   I have also painted with watercolors prior to painting on porcelain.  The processes are similar in some ways since you layer color on to achieve the depth of color you wish in both watercolor and porcelain painting.
Employment:  For the last years of my working career, I was the Deputy Administrator for one of the large bureaus of the National Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, Georgia
Art Exhibitions:  I currently display/sell my work at Southern Persnickety, New Bern, NC.  I am also a member of the Carteret County Arts and Crafts Coalition and display/sell my work at the 4 shows which they have each year.  I am also a member of the North Carolina chapter of the World Organization of China Painters and display my work each year at their annual show.  I display/sell at the Bogue Banks Library during the month of April each year. 
Publications:  I have been published in the following magazines for the issues identified.
China Decorator –Jan/Feb/Mar 2017; Apr/May/June 2016; May/June 2012; July/Aug 2009; Sept/Oct 2004
China Painter – May/June 2017;  May/June 2016; May/June 2014; May/June 2012; May/June 2011; May/June 2009; May/June 2008; May/June 2007
Porcelain Artist – Sept/Oct 2005; Nov/Dec 2005; Jan/Feb 2004
Honors:  In a competition held each year by the North Carolina Chapter of the World Organization of China Painters, I won First Place in the years 2007, 2010 and 2015.  In 2008, I tied for third place.  In 2012,  2013 , 2014 and 2016 I won second place.  The pieces which win are sent to the World Organization of China Painters Museum in Oklahoma City where they are displayed for one year.
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